Hinterhaus Castle

Ruins of Hinterhaus Castle is located on a mountain overlooking Spitz in the Lower Austria. The main castle takes the center of the compound and dates back to the 12th century. Improving military fortifications forced owners of the citadel to increase defenses. Despite centuries of neglect and abandonment it is still an impressive structure in a fairly good condition.



Location: Spitz Map

Found: 12th century


Hauntings in Hinterhaus Castle

Hinterhaus Castle is considered to be haunted. Some locals claim to have seen a figure of a woman who walks around walls and towers of the stronghold. Some claim that it is the ghost of a Adelheid, wife of knight Henry who owned Hinterhaus Castle. Some claim that Henry poisoned his old wife to marry a younger more attractive woman. Henry didn't live long enough to enjoy his new wife. Instead he died from a heart attack. Some claimed that he was murdered by the spirit of his wife who came back to take revenge to unfaithful husband. The legend claim that her ghost still roams the premises of Hinterhaus Castle to this day.