Kalkalpen National Park

Kalkalpen National Park


Location: Upper Austria Map

Area: 21,000 hectares

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Kalkalpen National Park is a protected reserve in the Northern Limestone Alps in the state of Upper Austria in Austria. In fact its name Kalk- alpen is derived from the name of its location.


Description of Kalkalpen National Park


Kalkalpen National Park is a fairly new (found in 1997) protected area that cover 21,000 hectares covered by forests predominated by fir and spruce. It has over 1600 species of butterflies and 1000 species of flowering, plants, mosses and fern species. Additionally it has 80 species of breeding birds and 30 mammals including wolves, lynxes and brown bears. You can find semi- wild Noriker horses as well as Murboden cattle roam mountainous grasslands. This protected biosphere has several peaks. The highest is called Hohe Nock at an elevation of 1963 meters. The headquarters of the National Park Society are situated in a towns of Molln, Reichraming and Windischgarsten.


In additional to beauty above ground Kalkalpen is famous for its underground beauty. Several karst caves were discovered in the past few decades, which includes Clara Cave, Krestenbergschacht and many others. Archaeological digs in these caves discovered remains of extinct animals like cave lions, cave bear, and many others. Stone Age hunters hunted these species in local forests as far as 20,000 years ago.