Kreuzenstein Castle

Kreuzenstein Castle

Kreuzenstein Castle is a castle constructed from several medieval strongholds pieced together in the 19th century.


Location: Lower Austria Map

Constructed: 1115

rebuilt in 19th century by Wilczek family

Open: 10am- 4pm Apr- Oct





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Description of Kreuzenstein Castle


The oldest parts of the Kreuzenstein Castle date back to the 1115 that was known as Grizanessstein at the time. During 30 year old War (1618- 1648) the castle was destroyed by invading Swedish troops who took the castle under leadership of Field-Marshal Thorstenson in April 1945. The last nail was driven later same year when they retreated under attacks of Imperial Army. Modern appearance Kreuzenstein Castle owes to Wilczek family (mostly under leadership of Count Johan Nepomuk Wilczek) that created this piece of architectural marvel in the nineteenth century (1874-1906) and assembled their residence from several pieces from different castles located all around Europe. Only few remains of the original Kreuzenstein citadel were incorporated into a new structure. So despite old age of its parts Kreuzenstein Castle is actually a fairly recent creation. Some scenes from The Three Musketeers (1993) were filmed here.