Kuenringerburg Castle

Kuenringerburg Castle


Location: Wachau, Lower Austria

Tel: (02711) 200


Impressive ruins of castle Kuenringerburg Castle or Kuenringer burg are situated on a strategic hill overlooking Danube River. Kuenringerburg Castle is situated just 30 minutes of walking from Dürnstein this castle has long and fascinating history.


Deescription of Kuenringerburg Castle


Kuenringerburg Castle had one of the most colorful pages in its history. It was here that king Richard I the Lionheart was imprisoned for insulting Leopold V, Duke of Austria between 1192 and 1193. English king was returning from the Third Crusade in the Holy Land in disguise to avoid detection, but was captured by Leopold’s troops. Local legend claimed that king was held in Kuenringerburg Castle in secrecy. Richard's favorite troubadour (singer, entertainer) Blondel de Nesle went on a quest to find him. Traveling from castle to castle he was singing king's favorite song. Eventually he got to Kuenringerburg Castle where he started singing the same song. Upon finishing the first verse he heard someone's voice continue with a second verse. Blondel recognized the voice of his kind immediately. King Richard I eventually was freed only after paying a huge ransom of 35,000 kg of silver. Kuenringerburg Castle was destroyed in 1645 by Swedish troops during 30 Year Old War. Ever since the Kuenringerburg lies in ruins, which is probably one of the reasons why it still draws people here.