Schattenburg Castle (Schloss Schattenburg)




Location: Burggasse 1, Feldkirch  Map

Constructed: 1190 by Count of Montfort

Open: May- Oct: 9- 12am, 1:30- 6pm

Jan- Apr: 1-4pm

Entrance Fee: € 6, children €4.50

Tel. +43(5522)71982




Description of Schattenburg Castle

Schattenburg Castle is a medieval fortress perched on a side of a mountain overlooking a town of Feldkirch below. Schattenburg Castle was constructed in 1190 by Count Hugo I Montfort who also found a town of Feldkirch below. Count used it an official seat of his family as well as to control strategic and quiet lucrative trading routes to the South and to the East of the castle. During Medieval Period Schattenburg Castle was unsuccessfully besieged twice. Small garrison managed to beat back all armies including the one sent by Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian in 1345. Only with the break out of Appenzell War (1401- 29) new military technologies finally broke through the defenses of Schattenburg Castle. Count Friedrich von Toggenburg brought heavy trebuchets that howled huge boulders against thick walls, finally breaking them down. After 18 weeks of constant bombardment Heinrich Walter of Ramschwag along with a garrison of 38 men had to capitulate on 29 January 1406. Subsequently Schattenburg Castle was burned down.
Schattenburg Castle was left untouched and without any major renovations since the early 16th century. Today Schattenburg Castle houses a and a museum devoted to its history with a collection of medieval weaponry, religious art and costumes from the time period.