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Cathedral Museum (Vienna)





Stephansplatz 6

Tel. 515 523 560

Subway: Stephansplatz

Open: 10am- 5pm Tue- Sat

Closed: 24th, 31st Dec, Easter




Description of the Cathedral Museum

The Dom Museum Wien or Cathedral Museum is a museum of the Archdiocese of Vienna in Zwettlerhof next to the Archbishop's Palace on Stephansplatz 6. It contains a collection of religious art. This include 16th and 17th century wooden carvings, beautiful works of Austrian artist Franz Anton Maulbertsch as well as Dutch painter Jan van Hemessen.

The Archbishop's Cathedral and Diocesan Museum was founded on the initiative of Cardinal Theodor Innitzer and opened on 3 June 1933 in the premises of the Archbishop's Palace. In 1973, the move to the Zwettlhof (Stephansplatz 6) and from the mid-1980s, other premises were adapted for the museum. From 2010 to 2015 it was called "Dommuseum", and since August 1, 2015 the official name is "Dom Museum Wien". In May 2012, the museum was closed to rebuild it and reorient it conceptually. Since March 2013, the Viennese art historian Johanna Schwanberg has been in charge of the Dom Museum Vienna.

Conversion and reopening
After the closure in May 2012, the conversion was entrusted to the architect Boris Podrecca. Now, in the newly designed premises in the historicist Palais on Stephansplatz, the valuable exhibits of medieval sacral art and the cathedral treasury of St. Stephen were to be shown in conjunction with key works of the Austrian avant-garde and contemporary positions. In October 2017, the new Dom Museum Vienna was inaugurated.

For the time of the reconstruction, many exhibits were transferred to the westwork of St. Stephen's Cathedral for presentation and presented to the public from 2012 under the motto "The Cathedral Treasure Returns". Currently (2018) there is still the permanent museum exhibition in St. Stephen's Cathedral, but under the motto "Cathedral Treasury of St. Stephen". However, the most important cultural and art historical conglomerates were transferred back to the museum after completion of the museum renovation.