Aichelberg Castle (Burgruine Aichelberg)

Aichelberg Castle


Location: Carinthia  Map

Constructed: 13th century


Description of Aichelberg Castle or Burgruine Aichelberg

Aichelberg Castle or Castle Eichelsberg is a medieval citadel situated North East of the municipality of Wernberg in Carinthia State of Austria.


Aichelberg Castle was originally found as a late Roman fortification overlooking a crossroad of ancient Roman roads. Strategic location became a site of a construction of a medieval Aichelberg Castle in the 13th century. First written records that mentions this citadel date back to 1224. At the time it held a modest garrison, but its position allowed domineering position in the region.


During war between Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III against Hungarian Kingdom in 1484 Aichelberg Castle was demolished by the Empire's army. It was quickly reconstructed in the 15th century. In the 16th century Aichelberg Castle was further increased in size and complexity. Much of the structure you see today date back to the time period. Aichelberg Castle was sold to Hans Siegmund Count von Wagensberg and later to Orsini Rosenberg. Due to changing technology and nature of the European warfare Aichelberg Castle was eventually abandoned in the late 17th century and it fell in disrepair. Nevertheless today its walls are fairly well preserved. Without annoying limitations, this citadel allows you to explore the ruins without restrictions. However keep in mind that the structure is very fragile. Don't try to climb walls or towers as they can easily crumble.