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Braunau am Inn


Braunau am Inn is a small town Upper Austria region. It is most famous as a birth place of one of evilest men in human history Adolf Hitler. Braunau am Inn was found in the early medieval period. It grew due to large deposits of salt in the area as well as trade ships that made their way via River Inn, a highway of the time.





Location: Upper Austria   Map





Braunau am Inn Travel Destinations

Braunau am Inn or Braunau on Inn is a large Austrian town that stands on the banks of the Inn River and its confluence with the Salzach. It stands on a historic border of Austria and a state of Bavaria (today part of Germany). Early records indicate that it was probably found around the Abbey of Ranshofen that was first mentioned in 788. Braunau am Inn was first mentioned in 1120 deed, however in the 13th century it became an important fortified town with large salt mine technology that was thriving and giving its residents work.

Hitler's Birth Place

Hitler's Birth Place or Geburthaus as it is locally known is a home where Adolf Hitler, future Nazi leader of the Third Reich (1933- 45), was born on April 20, 1889. Hitler family spent only few first few years of his life here before moving to Linz. It is easily recognized by a large bouldee that stands outside. It was brought here from a quarry at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp and bear an inscription in German: "For peace, freedom/ and democracy/ never again fascism/ millions of dead admonish" (Fur Frieden, Freiheit und Demokratie, nie wieder Faschismus, Millionen Tote mahnen).











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