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Burg Greifenfels


Burg Greifenfels or Castle Greifenfels is a ruined medieval citadel that stands on the rocky outcrop on the Northern slope of the Sattnitzerberge mountain not far from the state capital of Klagenfurt, about halfway between Gurnitz and Ebenthal.




Location: Carinthia   Map

Constructed: 1230





Description of Burg Greifenfels or Castle Greifenfels

Burg Greifenfels was constructed in 1230- 31 by the orders of Wulfing and Heinrich von Wulfing. These lands once belonged to the monastery of Viktring so the permission to construct a fortress was given by Pope Gregory IX himself. In 1404 Castle Greinfels was sold to Lords of Hradec, however after Enemthal Castle was erected in 1588 at the bottom of the mountain Greinfenfels Castle was abandoned. It couldn't serve as a military fortifications due to increased reliance of European armies on gun powder and it was comfortable enough as a private residence. Ruins of the medieval stronghold were sold to Counts of Goess in 1704, but they didn't try to revive former castle. Instead locals used Greifenfels Castle as a quarry for stone. Today most of the castle is in ruins. Only parts of old kitchen and curtain wall remains in place of the former imposing citadel.













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