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Burg Güssing

Burg Güssing




Location: Burgenland  Burg Gussing Location on a Map


Constructed: 1157




Description of Burg Gussing or Gussing Castle

Burg Gussing or Gussing Castle is a large and well preserved medieval fortress that date back to 1157, when first wooden citadel was built on top of a strategic hill. Over time it grew in size and complexity. Burg Gussing or Gussing Castle was built in 1157 on top of the strategic hill 293 meters above surrounding planes in order to defend Austria against invasions by the Hungarian pagan hoards. Burg Gussing is one of the oldest castles in the Burgenland state of Austria. On June 30, 1524 Burg Gussing was acquired by Francis I Batthyany (1497- 1566). Changing military tactics and technologies spelled a doom for the Gussing Castle. In 1777 guns were removed from the towers and protective walls. Subsequently owners of the castle had to destroy several buildings to avoid paying high taxes of empress Maria Teresa. Austrian ruler forces noblemen to pay taxes on every single building in their possession also known as the "roof tax". Hence many aristocrats chose to destroy roofs and its buildings to cut the losses. Removal of roofs left buildings open to the elements. Many medieval structures subsequently fell apart under erosions.


Descends of the Batthyany family still own the castle that they opened to the public to raise money for its up keeping.








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