Clam Castle (Burg Clam)

Clam Castle (Burg Clam)

Location: Upper Austria  Map

Constructed: 12th century


Description of Clam Castle

Clam Castle is a large medieval stronghold in Upper Austria region of Austria. Clam Castle was constructed in the middle of the 12th century. It overlooks a strategic valley of Danube River that flows below. Clam Castle or Burg Clam is one of the few citadels in the region that remained virtually unchanged since its construction.


Origins of the Clam Castle are shrouded in mystery. It was first mentioned in 1149 as a fortification that belonged to Otto von Machland and his brother Walchun. His daughter Adelheid inherited the Clam fortress as a dowry and passed to Velburger family. Unfortunately castle's new owner, Ulrich von Clam Velburg didn't get to enjoy his new fort. He died while on his military ventures of the Fifth Crusade.


Over a course of several centuries Clam Castle passed hands several times. In 1454 it was bought by the Count Hardegg and later resold to Christopher Perger in 1524. Today Clam Castle is still inhabited by its owners and it is open to the public. Due to constant presence of people, Clam Castle was not looted, quarried or destroyed by neighbors. It preserves most of its interior in its original pristine condition. Clam Castle houses a small museum, beautiful 15th century chapel and well preserved medieval towers and walls that are in fairly good condition despite years of elements.