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Eschelberg Castle (Schloss Eschelberg)

 Eschelberg Castle (Schloss Eschelberg)

Eschelberg Castle is a medieval fortification in Sankt Gotthard im Muhlkreis in Upper Austria region of Austria.




Location: Sankt Gotthard im Muhlkreis, Upper Austria  Map





Description of Eschelberg Castle


There is little information about the origins of Eschelberg Castle. Original settlement on the place of Eschelberg Castle was found no later than 12th century. First city walls with protective towers were built in 1205. Eschelberg Castle changed hands several times and over several centuries its defenses were increased and strengthened. In the 14th century Eschelberg Castle was acquired by the diocese of Passau.


A new Eschelberg citadel was added in 1598 by Christoph von Gera. He ran into significant trouble as he briefly joined the Protestant movement. He changed his mind and re- joined the Catholic Church after it became abundantly clear that he might pay with his life. New castle was built as a three winged structure in Renaissance style and served more of the residence and a palace rather than an actual military fortress.


Eschelberg Castle currently is owned by Starhemberg family who acquired the citadel in 1674. After 1945 the fortress was briefly converted to a detention center for the refugees and displaced people. In 1962 castle tower was hit by a lighting and burned down, however it was quickly restored. Today Eschelberg Castle is open to the public. It is one of the best preserved medieval citadels in Austria.







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