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Falkenstein Castle (Burg Falkenstein)

Falkenstein Castle (Burg Falkenstein)

Falkenstein Castle is a modest citadel in Obervellach, Carinthia. Despite its relatively small size it is one of the most picturesque castles in Austria due to its unique architecture.





Location: Obervellach, Carinthia  Map


Constructed: 12th century






Description of Falkenstein Castle

Falkenstein Castle or Valchenstain Castle is a medieval complex that was constructed in the 12th century by the Lords of Falkenstein, servants of the Count of Gorizia. Its purpose was to control a strategic mountain over Moll Valley below. There is archaeological evidence that these mountains were inhabited by the Roman settlers. Around 600 AD several surrounding villages and Roman troops retreated into this area to hid from the barbarian tribes.


Falkenstein Castle is located near a town of Obervellach in Carinthia state of Austria and consists of two groups. One is usually referred as Oberfalkestein (high Falkenstein). It is older medieval stronghold that lies in picturesque ruins. Another one is known as Niderfalkenstein (low Falkenstein) and it is well preserved part of the complex. Falkenstein family died out around 1300 and Upper and Lower citadels were given to two different minor noble families.








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