Feldsberg Castle (Burgruine Feldsberg)

Location: Pusarnitz, Carinthia  Map

Constructed: 12th century


Description of Feldsberg Castle

Feldsberg Castle is a medieval stronghold situated just of Pusarnitz (municipality of Lurnfeld) near Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia state in Austria. The earliest reference to military fortifications date back to the 12th century. At least the first mention of the citadel was recorded in 1189 by Hainricus de Veldisberc, a provincial minister of Salzburg. Feldsberg Castle an important role in politics of the region. In fact it was in a middle of a dispute between Counts of Gorizia and Archdiocese of Salzburg. However in the late 15th century development of siege artillery made Feldsberg Castle useless in terms of war. It was abandoned around 16th century and it was used as a local quarry.



The simple Romanesque complex has already fallen into disrepair. Feldsberg has an irregular quadrangular floor plan, following the terrain of the hill plateau. There are only small remains of a tower in the form of a cone of rubble. On the north and west sides there are still up to 8 m high walls with herringbone masonry (opus spicatum). Access was via the south-east side. A circular hollow in the north angle indicates a buried cistern.



The predecessor of Feldsberg Castle was the Hohenburg castle ruins above Feldsberg.

The first documented mention was in 1189 by Hainricus de Veldisberc, a Salzburg ministerial. Feldsberg Castle was a bone of contention in disputes between the Counts of Gorizia and the Archdiocese of Salzburg. In 1460 the negotiations for the Peace of Pusarnitz were partly conducted here.

The castle may have been in a state of decay since the late 16th century after jurisdiction was transferred from Feldsberg to Sachsenburg. The last caretaker is documented for the year 1586, in 1658 the building was already described as ruinous.