Finkenstein Castle (Burgruine Finkenstein)

Location: Finkenstein am Faaker See, Carinthia

Constructed: 12th century


Finkenstein Castle is a medieval stronghold situated on a strategic high ground near Finkenstein am Faaker See  near Faaker Lake. It was erected in 12th century.


Description of Finkenstein Castle

Finkenstein Castle or Burgruine ("castle ruins" in German) Finkenstein was first mentioned in a local deed in 1142 so by the 12th century it was constructed here. It was owned by the dukes of Carinthia and was attached to a lesser branch of the family of dukes who called themselves "von Finkenstein" after the name of their chief residence. In 1223 Finkenstein Castle became the center of conflict between Heinrich von Finkenstein and Bishop Heinrich von Bamberg, the owner of Federaun Castle over rights on bridge across river Gail. After the extinction of the Carinthian branch of Finkensteins at the early 14th century, the possession over Finkenstein Castle passed to the dukes of Carinthia, who transferred the fort to the Habsburg in 1335. In 1508 Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian handed the castle over to Siegmun von Dietrichstein. Although Finkenstein Castle remained officially in the hands of this family until 1861, its walls remained empty since the end of the 18th century.