Flaschberg Castle (Burgruine Flaschberg)

Location: Flaschberg, Carinthia


Flaschberg Castle is a ruined medieval citadel near a town of Flaschberg in Carinthia state of Austria. It is open to the public and accessible by a small hiking trail.


Description of Flaschberg Castle

Flaschberg Castle or Burgruine ("castle ruins" in German) Flaschberg was constructed in the 12the century to secure a strategic position to secure the trading routes between Central and South Europe from attacks of robbing barons. It was first mentioned in 1154 deed. Flaschberg family that owned the citadel had a checkered past themselves. For instance Ulirch von Flaschberg was accused in 1280 for robbing local caravans and illegal rax collection. Suprisingly he managed to clear himself of all the charges and even was entrusted with diplomatic missions across Europe. As a result Flaschbergs managed to take possession of lands in the Val Pusteria, Lienz and Friuli. After the Peace Treaty of Pisarnitz in 1460 Flaschberg Castle along with surrounding forts came in ownership of the Holy Roman Emperor. In the 16th century Counts of Hardegg sold the castle to the lords of Mandorff. Later Flaschberg Castle passed to Count Widmann- Ortenburg in 1643. Between 1662 and 1918 it was owned by the princes of Porcia.