Freiberg Castle (Burg Freiberg)

Freiberg Castle

Location: Carinthia  Map

Constructed: 12th century


Freiburg Castle is a small medieval fortress that sits on top of a strategic hill in Carinthia state of Austria.


Description of Freiberg Castle

Freiberg Castle ruins are located to the south of the municipality of Frauenstein of the Carinthia province of Austria. It was first mentioned in 1181 as a citadel belonging to the dukes of Carinthia. Duke Bernhard von Spanheim (died in 1256) greatly increased the sise of the citadel and established Freiberg as an official residence of the regional court.


In the end of the 13th century Carinthian nobility organized a rebellion against the Duke Meinhard of Gorizia who resided in the Tyrol. The Duke sent his son Otto to Carinthia to settle a deal. He came to Freiberg Castle and offered talks with the local noblemen. He subsequently broke his word, captured his guess and promtly executed them on the main square of Saint Veit.


Freiberg Castle was abandoned in the 15th century and it fell in disrepair. Only in the 20th century local authorities started reconstruction project to preserve original medieval citadel. Fortress' chapel date pack to at least 1181 so it was found along with the castle.