Gastein Museum



The Gastein Museum shows the history of the spa in Bad Gastein in the province of Salzburg. The museum has been located in the Grand Hotel de l’Europe since 2011.



The forerunner of the museum was an anniversary exhibition - an exhibition of the collection of the spa director Heinrich von Zimburg - on June 28, 1936, where the spa stay of the later emperor Friedrich III. was solemnly remembered. Federal President Wilhelm Miklas, Governor Franz Rehrl and Mayor Fritz Obrutschka were present and the writer Franz Karl Ginzkey gave the keynote address. As a result, Gastein families expanded the collection into a museum with donations and loans. The museum's valuable holdings were a collection of paintings by famous old masters, especially the chamber painters Thomas Ender and Matthäus Loder von Archduke Johann. One department showed bath models. Gastein minerals were purchased and a bunk displayed memorabilia from gold mining.

In 1939, with the Second World War, the museum was closed and the loans returned. In 1946, the rebuilding of the museum began with Heinrich von Zimburg. The mineral collection of the Böckstein collectors Zschocke and Frohnwieser, including a 76 kg rock crystal from the Ankogel, was acquired. The museum was located in the so-called Grillparzer corner of the old Kursaal and was spatially cramped. The demolition of the Kursaal, in the place of which the new spa and congress center was built, caused the museum to be closed for a second time. The exhibits were packed in boxes and stored in the attic of the House of Austria.

The further history of the Gastein Museum is based on the establishment of the Association of Friends of the Gastein Museum, which was initiated by Hermann Greinwald and Fritz Gruber from the Rotary Club Gastein as well as Fritz Kutter and Karl Winter. Former mayor Anton Kerschbaumer provided the association with rooms in Haus Austria for exhibitions. In the 1974/75 winter season there was an exhibition of folk customs relating to the Gastein year. Another special exhibition showed the history of Gastein in old views. This was followed by the special exhibition Tauern Crystals.

The museum was closed for the third time in 2008 with the sale of the House of Austria and the congress center by the municipality of Bad Gastein. Thanks to the courtesy of the owner Rosina Tscherne, the association was able to rent exhibition rooms and storage rooms in the Grand Hotel de l’Europe. The structural implementation was carried out by the architectural office FLEOS in Salzburg. On November 15, 2011, the museum was reopened with Regional Councilor Tina Widmann.