Glanegg Castle (Burgruine Glanegg)

Location: Carinthia

Constructed: 1121


Glanegg Castle is a medieval citadel situated in the Austrian province of Carinthia. Its foundation date back to the 12th century.


Description of Glanegg Castle

Glanegg Castle is one of the largest medieval strongholds in a state of Carinthia of Austria. It was constructed in 1121 by Duke Henry III of Carinthia. After his death Clanegg Castle passed to his nephew Count Bernhard von Marburg. Glanegg Castle proved to be a formidable fortress between 1473- 78 when it was repeatedly attacked by invading armies. They failed to capture it. Glanegg Castle was called back into military service during the Sixth Coalition War in the late 18th century, but it was largely used as a barrack for soldiers and warehouse for troops.


Glanegg Castle was bought by Hofrichter Hirzegger Ossiach in 1818 and later given to his daughter Josephine as a wedding present when she married Klinze Glanegg. The fortress was largely abandoned around this time and it fell in disrepair.