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Gmünd Castle (Burgruine Gmünd)


Gmünd Castle or Burgruine Gmund is a historic medieval citadel in the Austrian province of Carinthia. It dates its construction to the 12th century.





Location: Carinthia


Constructed: 1252





Description of Gmünd Castle

Gmünd Castle is a medieval stronghold that stands on top of a strategic hilltop in the north Lieser Valley overlooking Gmünd in Carinthia Austrian state. Gmünd Castle was erected in 1252 for protection of city residents below. As the population of Gmünd grew the fortress was also increased in size and sophistication.


Gmünd Castle was badly damaged by artillery fire in 1480 when Hungarian army besieged the citadel and subsequently took its defences. Military fortifications were badly damaged, but from 1502 to 1506 Archbishop of Salzburg Leonhard of Keutschach went on a quest to reconstruct Gmünd Castle to its former glory.


Changing military technologies finally spelled a doom for Gmünd Castle. In 1609 an earthquake badly damaged the city below and Gmünd Castle on top of the hill. Parts of defensive walls have collapse. In 1886 major fire swept through its structure and made it unfit as a residence. It was abandoned ever since.