Gradenegg Castle (Burgruine Gradenegg)

Location: Carinthia


Gradenegg Castle is a medieval citadel in Carinthia state of Austria. It sits on top of strategic hill that measures at 300 meters above a small town of Glantalboden below.


Description of Gradenegg Castle

Gradenegg Castle was first mentioned as a military fortification on 27 May 1192 in a possession of Rudlandus de Gradnich, local Carinthian duke. It was intended to guard local trade routes as well as local mining activities. The center of Gradenegg Castle is dominated by a single Romanesque keep originally constructed in the 14th century. Later on in the 15th century a circular protective wall was added to further increase citadel's defenses. Fortress was also surrounded by a moat that is barely visible today with a single entrance at the North Gate. Gradenegg Castle was badly damaged in 1796 by a earthquake. It was largely abandoned and former military fortifications were turned to local peasants who turned Gradenegg Castle into a group of stables and outbuildings. Judging by the paintings that date back to 1870, Gradenegg Castle still had its roofs, but those are long gone. Today Gradenegg Castle is a complex of picturesque ruins with very few tourists.