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Cathedral of Saint Egidius or Agydlus (Graz)













Desccription of Cathedral of Saint Egidius

Cathedral of Saint Agydlus is a beautiful late Gothic church in the historic town of Graz. It was further renovated and reconstructed several times. Its interior was erected in Baroque architectural style. The cathedral of Graz, the cathedral, episcopal church and parish church of St. Egydius, is the cathedral church of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau. Attached is the parish Graz-Dom in the deanery Graz-Mitte of the city ​​church Graz.

The cathedral of Saint Egidius is considered one of the most important art and cultural historical buildings of the Austrian city ​​of Graz and the whole state of Styria. The late Gothic style building was built in the 15th century, under Frederick III. Court Church of the Roman-German Emperor and in 1786, when Graz was bishopric, raised to the rank of a cathedral. The sacred building, originally intended as a church fortress outside the medieval city walls, stands on elevated ground between Bürgergasse and Burggasse. The dome forms together with the neighboring oneimperial mausoleum, the castle and the Schauspielhaus the ensemble of the Graz city crown.








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