Gurnitz Castle

 Gurnitz Castle

Gurnitz Castle is a former medieval citadel in Carinthia region of Austria. Although its origins date back to the 11th century, little is preserved from the original structure. Its remains sit on top of a strategic mountain above Pfarrkirche Gurnitz.


Location: Carinthia  Map

Constructed: 11th century


Description of Gurnitz Castle

Around the year 860 these lands were owned by the Archbishopric of Salzburg. Gurnitz Castle was constructed as a simple Romanesque fortress in the 11th century. From this time the owners of the citadel bore the name of Gurnitz. Bernhard von Gurnitz was first mentioned in 1156 as one of the original owners of the castle. The next known owner was Heinrich von Gurnitz who in 1235 renamed himself as Henry von Greifenfels. In 1315 it was sold to Conrad of Auffenstein, but as that family had no male hair citadel was sold again in 1395. Gurnitz Castle was finally abandoned in the 18th century. Parts of the original structure were reconstructed in the 19th century, but overall complex lost much of its medieval romantic appeal.