Hartneidstein Castle

Hartneidstein Castle or Burgruine ("castle ruins" in Germain) is a medieval citadel situated in an Austrian region of Carinthia. It dates back to at least 14th century.


Location: Carinthia  Map

Constructed: 14th century


Description of Hartneidstein Castle or Burgruine Hartneidstein

Hartneidstein Castle is a medieval citadel situated in Lavant Valley in the Austria province of Carinthia. It was erected in the 14th century by Hartneidstein of Weissenegg on a high ground (877 meters above sea level) overlooking a village of Eitweg below. Weissenegg family sold Hartneidstein Castle to the Counts of Cilli in 1363. In 1425 Hartneidstein Castle was acquired by Diocese of Bamberg who officially established the citadel as a regional court.


Shortly thereafter in 1469 it was besieged and captured by the invading armies of the Ottoman Empire. Turks burned down the citadel and looted everything they could carry away. Hartneidstein Castle was shortly re- build to the same size. At the end of the 17th century the court was moved to Wolfsberg and medieval citadel was transferred to the military purposes. Hartneidstein Castle was used for military purposes until it was abandoned in the 18th century.