Haimburg Castle

 Haimburg Castle

Haimburg Castle is a medieval citadel near a town of Haimburg in Carinthia region of Austria. It was constructed in 1070- 1103.


Location: Carinthia   Map

Constructed: 1070- 1103


History of Haimburg Castle

Haimburg Castle is situated on the mountain that holds a strategic point in the region. First evidence of human presence date back to Neolithic Period. Later it was replaced by Celtic and later Roman settlement. First wooden stronghold on a site of current Haimburg citadel was erected to protect locals against constant raids by the Avars.


Current military fortifications were erected in 1070- 1103. It was constructed by a powerful family of Counts of Heunburg, but the family died out in 1322 and Haimburg Castle passed to the Earls of Pfannberg. Unfortunately that family also left no heirs and upon death of the last male in that line castle passed to the Counts of Gorizia in 1362 who pased the fortress to the Habsburg dynasty according to peace of Pusarnitz.


Today Heimburg Castle is privately owned (sine 1990) by Verein Rettet die Heunburg and it is open to the public. Since 2011 Heimburg Theater is performing within its medieval walls during summer months.