Haimburg Castle

 Haimburg Castle

Haimburg Castle is a medieval citadel near a town of Haimburg in Carinthia region of Austria. It was constructed in 1070- 1103.


Location: Carinthia   Map

Constructed: 1070- 1103


History of Haimburg Castle

The castle was first mentioned in 1103 as Huneburch. The Counts of Heunburg have been known by name since 1070. They were an important family for the history of Carinthia in the 12th and 13th centuries, but the male line died out in 1322.

Their heirs were the Counts of Pfannberg, whose last representative, Johann, died in 1362. The castle passed to the Counts of Gorizia in 1362 and to the Habsburgs in 1460 after the Peace of Pusarnitz.

Where the Diexer Bach swings into the plain of the picturesque Jauntal, the Heunburg or Huneburch, first mentioned around 1070, rises on a slate block. Located in the heart of the center of power, which stretched south of the Drau from Griffen to Brückl after the migration of peoples, Haimburg is a remarkable cultural and historical center with finds from the Neolithic, Celtic and Roman times. Here you can find evidence of the mixing of the local population with Germans and Slavs. Castles like the Heunburg were built to protect those from the Avars. The Counts of Heunburg, originally from Saxony, who built the Heunburg as their family castle around 1000, previously used the Rauterburg from Carolingian times (9th/10th century) north-west of Haimburg and became one of the most powerful families in Carinthia in the 13th century. to Ulrich III. von Heunburg was defeated by the Habsburgs in the Battle of Wallersberg in 1293. From the 14th century the Lords of Sanneck (gospodje Žovneški) and then the Counts of Cilli (Celjske grofje) inherited the Heunburg family. Their coat of arms, the three golden stars on a blue background, went the same way and can be found today in the national coat of arms of the Republic of Slovenia.

From 1990 the castle, which is privately owned, was repaired by the association Rettet die Heunburg. From 1995 to 2009, theater performances by the Theater k.l.a.s. instead of. The Heunburg Theater has been performing in the castle during the summer months since 2011.



The gate tower and parts of the palace are still in their original condition. To the west of the complex is the former chapel dedicated to St. was dedicated to Alexius.