Hollenburg Castle (Schloss Hollenburg)



Location: Kottmannsdorf, Carinthia  Map

Constructed: 12th century


Description of Hollenburg Castle

Hollenburg Castle is a well preserved medieval castle near a village of Kottmannsdorf, Carinthia province in Austria. Hollenburg Castle was constructed in the 12th century by Lord of Hollenburg on the Northern side of the Drava river valley. It was first mentioned in 1142 deed dedicated to foundation of Viktring Abbey. Hollenburg Castle sits on top of a rock cliff at 561 meters (1,841 feet) above sea level. Original medieval Hollenburg Castle was badly damaged in 1348 during Friuli earthquake. However it was quickly restored. A year later in 1349 Hollenburg Castle became registered as the seat of a land judge. Emperor Maximilian I sold the castle to Siegmund von Dietrichstein in 1514. Dietrichstein family greatly increased the size of Hollenburg Castle in the 16th and 17th century to its present appearance.


House of Dietrichstein rebuilt Hollenburg Castle in a Renaissance style and owned until 1861 when the family finally died out. It was acquired in 1913 by the Wittgenstein family that still holds possession of the citadel. Hollenburg Castle is a private property hence it is closed to the public.