Grand Hotel de l’Europe (Bad Gastein)


The Grand Hotel de l’Europe is a former hotel in Bad Gastein in the province of Salzburg. It is a listed building. The Grand Hotel de l’Europe was built from 1906 to 1909 as a late historical building according to the plans of the cathedral master builder Matthäus Schlager. The building was renovated in 1982. In the south of the hotel there is an Art Nouveau pavilion by the Thilo metalworking shop, designed by Leopold Führer. The building houses the Gastein Museum, condominiums, a restaurant and an event hall. The Casinos Austria casino ceased operations on September 12, 2015.



When the Linz train station restaurateur Viktor Sedlacek had a luxury hotel built in the center of the spa town from 1906 to 1909 by the Bad Gastein master builder Angelo Comini (based on plans by Linz cathedral master builder Matthäus Schlager) and opened on May 29, 1909, it had ten floors the largest and most modern hotels of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. After economic difficulties, Alfred Sedlacek, son of the builder Viktor Sedlacek, sold the hotel to the Alpenländische Hotel- und Kuranstalt AG (Turnauer Group) in 1970, which, however, did not continue the hotel business. It was ten years before Reinhardt Stefan Tomek (* 1945), son of a Viennese doctor, brought the hotel back to life with its reopening on December 22, 1982 and 170 permanent jobs. Thanks to extensive renovations and numerous events, he managed to give Bad Gastein a touch of the Monte Carlo of the Alps. However, the financial burden was too great for him, so that he had to close the company in 1988. In the course of history, numerous members of various royal families (King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, King Faisal I of Iraq, Ibn Saud, Shah of Persia) as well as industrialists (Wilhelm Opel), writers and musicians (Heinrich Mann, Robert Stolz, William Somerset Maugham, Liza Minnelli). The entire hotel complex with its apartments has been a listed building since 1980. Until 2015, there was a Casinos Austria casino on the ground floor. The Gastein Museum, which is one of the oldest museums in the state outside the city of Salzburg, has also had its home in the Grand Hotel since 2011, as Haus Austria, the previous seat, was sold. The Berlin musician and entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein used the hotel as a location and backdrop for one of the music videos for his album Bad Gastein (2014).