Church of St. Mary Mother of the Good Council or Advice


The parish church Maria, Mutter vom Guten Rat is a Roman Catholic church in the district of Böckstein in the municipality of Bad Gastein in the state of Salzburg.

The church, also called the parish church on Kirchberg, was built on a hill north of the planned baroque factory of the center of gold mining in the Hohe Tauern. Founded in 1766 as a vicariate, the church was consecrated in 1767. In 1891 the church was elevated to a parish church. The church was renovated in 1889. Restorations were from 1950 to 1951 and 1965. An exterior restoration was in 1979, an interior restoration in 1981.

The early classicist central building with a vestibule was built from 1764 to 1767 by master builder Christian Glaner according to the plans of the architect and court building manager Wolfgang Hagenauer. The octagonal central room has a rectangular portal and windows. The also octagonal dome tower with lantern has rectangular sound windows and clock leaves on four sides and ends with a tent roof. The vestibule with a curved gable shows the stucco coat of arms of Archbishop Sigismund III. Christoph von Schrattenbach. A two-storey sacristy is added to the east.

Inside, the church shows itself as an oval space with high round arch niches with two pilasters with capitals in between and a surrounding richly profiled cornice. The gallery is built into the west. The ceiling painting was painted by Johann Weiß in 1765. In the dome it shows the miraculous image of Genazzano carried by two angels with depictions of the landscape and admirers of the miraculous image. The architectural painting with cartouches shows the chronograms 1764, 1765, 1766 and 1767.

The high altar was built according to a design by the sculptor Johann Baptist Hagenauer. The altar panel, a copy of Genazzano's miraculous image, was painted in 1765 by Rosa Hagenauer, née Barduzzi, in a halo, carried by two angels, with vases and clouds and a pillar of fire. The tabernacle is from the 19th century. The side altars were made by the carpenter Leopold Hacksteiner in 1776. On the left the altarpiece shows the Marriage of Mary and on the right the representation in the temple. The round pulpit with a parapet with pilasters shows reliefs of the divine virtues, the sound cover bears a globe, the tablets of the law and the symbols of the Gospel. The carvings and the crucifix were created by the sculptor Kaspar Bichler in 1850.

The organ was built by Hans Mauracher in 1895. There is a memorial stone from 1784 to Bartholomäus Zehentmayr and the coat of arms of Count Czernin from 1905 and 1927. A bell was cast in 1766 by the Salzburg bell caster Karl Wolfgang Gugg.