Neu- Ems Castle (Burg Neu- Ems)

Neu- Ems Castle (Burg Neu- Ems)

Neu- Ems Castle or Burg Neu- Ems or Schloss Glopper is a well preserved medieval fortress in Hohenems in Vorarlberg province of Austria. It was an official seat of the local Austrian nobility of Herren von Ems or Lords of Ems who also gave its name.


Location: Hohenems, Vorarlberg province Map

Constructed: 1343



The complex was a castle of the noble and knightly family of the Lords of Ems.

In 1343, with the permission of Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria, Knight Ulrich I of Ems built a new castle on the ridge of the Rhine Valley in Emsreute, near his Alt-Ems fortress, in order to create a permanent home for his large family in troubled times.

In 1407, during the Appenzell War, the castle of the former Counts of Hohenems was destroyed for the first time and immediately rebuilt.

In 1603 a chapel was set up on the ground floor, of which no remains have survived except for two pointed arch windows in the north wall. The former winged altar of this chapel (Antwerp master, around 1515-1520) has been in the Tyrolean State Museum since 1835.

Since 1843, this extraordinarily uniform building ensemble consisting of a small-scale stronghold with a keep-like bulwark, an attached palace and a lower-lying outer bailey has been privately owned by the Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems family.