Neu- Ems Castle (Burg Neu- Ems)

Neu- Ems Castle (Burg Neu- Ems)

Neu- Ems Castle or Burg Neu- Ems or Schloss Glopper is a well preserved medieval fortress in Hohenems in Vorarlberg province of Austria. It was an official seat of the local Austrian nobility of Herren von Ems or Lords of Ems who also gave its name.


Location: Hohenems, Vorarlberg province Map

Constructed: 1343


Description of Neu- Ems Castle

Neu- Ems Castle or New Ems Castle (New Ems Castle) was constructed by Ritter (German word for a Knight) Ulrich I von Ems in 1343 after he was approved do so by Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria. It replaced older fortified residence of the Ems family thus it was named New Ems Castle in contrast to Alt Ems (Old Ems in German) Castle those remains you can see on the top of the hill.


Neu- Ems Castle was besieged and taken during Appenzell Wars in July 20 1407 after defending garrison capitulated. Neu- Ems Castle was plundered and badly damaged. Soon it was reconstructed. In 1603 a small chapel was added on the ground floor. In the 18th century New- Ems Castle was in possession of the Habsburg dynasty, but in 1843 citadel was acquired by Waldburg- Zeil family that still owes it today. Today Neu- Ems Castle is open to the public and contains a restaurant inside.