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Neu- Montfort Castle (Burgruine Neu- Montfort)

 Neu- Montfort Castle (Burgruine Neu- Montfort)





Location: Vorarlberg  Map




Description of Neu Montfort Castle

Neu (New)- Montfort Castle is a ruined medieval fortress in Vorarlberg region of Austria. It was constructed between 1311 and 1319 by Counts of Montfort on a protected hilltop at an elevation of 513 meters above surrounding plains. Neu Montfort Castle was found in early 14th century by a noble Montfort family. Originally it was consisted of a single five storey tower keep. Just 50 years after its construction it Neu Montfort Castle was sold to the Habsburg family in 1363 who needed a foothold in Vorarlberg  region of Austria.


During Appenzell War of 1405- 08 Neu Montfort Castle was used by the federal government who used it as military barracks and a base of military operations. It is one of the citadels in the regions that didn't fall into enemy hands and remained largely preserved despite hostilities. Neu Montfort Castle was abandoned in the 17th century after the death of its last owner Ulrich Koch. No one wanted to buy it as its fortifications did not match military technologies of its time. Today it is owned by the municipality of Gotzis. Its walls were restored in 1970 and its main tower was restored in 1974- 75.







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