Neu- Montfort Castle (Burgruine Neu- Montfort)

 Neu- Montfort Castle (Burgruine Neu- Montfort)

Location: Vorarlberg  Map


Description of Neu Montfort Castle

Neu (New)- Montfort Castle is a ruined medieval fortress in Vorarlberg region of Austria. It was constructed between 1311 and 1319 by Counts of Montfort on a protected hilltop at an elevation of 513 meters above surrounding plains. Neu Montfort Castle was found in early 14th century by a noble Montfort family. Originally it was consisted of a single five storey tower keep. Just 50 years after its construction it Neu Montfort Castle was sold to the Habsburg family in 1363 who needed a foothold in Vorarlberg  region of Austria.



The landmark of Götzis was built on the north-eastern foothills of the Therenberg above the village between 1311 and 1319 by the Counts of Montfort. The first documented mention dates back to 1319. A few decades later, they sold their dominion to the Habsburgs, who were thus able to purchase the castle complex in 1390.

The castle was occupied by the Bund ob dem See during the Appenzell War (1405-1408) and used as a base. This makes Neu-Montfort one of the few castles that were not destroyed by the Appenzellers.

Neu-Montfort is a simply structured facility. The castle complex originally consisted only of the mighty, today still five-story keep-like residential tower with a high entrance on the north-east side at the level of the second floor and the attached, but mostly derelict Palas in the west.

Towards the end of the 17th century, the decline began when the last castle administrator, Ulrich Koch, died in 1693. The castle ruins now belong to the municipality of Götzis - the ring wall was restored in 1970 and in 1974/75. An archaeological excavation was carried out in 2020, during which, among other things, several decorated tiles from a tiled stove from the 15th to 16th centuries were found. The basement of the palace was also found and uncovered.