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Schloss Ort (Schloss Orth)

Schloss Ort or Ort Castle

Schloss Ort is a medieval citadel that was constructed on a small island in the Traunsee lake in Upper Austria region of Austria. It is situated within boundaries of Gmunden community about 19 km from Vocklabruck. Small Toscana Park on the Western shores of the lake served as a splendid backdrop for this beautiful and unusual castle.





Location: Gmunden, Upper Austria  Map

Constructed: 909





Description of Schloss Ort or Ort Castle

It is hard to say when Schloss Ort or Ort Castle was first found. A small fortifications existed on the island of the Traunsee lake at the time of the Roman rule in the region. Fortress was taken and demolished by barbarian hordes during their invasions. Its ruins were discovered by the archeological digs in the 20th century.


Current medieval fortress dates back to 909. Schloss Ort was later increased by Hartnidus of Ort. New technological innovations in the art of killing forced its owners to increase its defenses. First these modifications occurred in 1255 by Hartnidus V, in 1344 by the brothers Friedrich and Reinprecht I of Wallsee. Friedrich of Wallsee became the solo owner of Schloss Ort on January 25, 1350. His descendants owned the fortress until 1483 when it passed to the Emperor Frederick III of the Holy Roman Empire.


Schloss Ort changed its owners several times until it was bought in 1876 by Archduke John Salvator of Austria also known as John of Tuscany. However his noble title and blood connection to the Habsburg imperial house prevented him from marrying his morganatic wife and he chose love over his titles and possessions. On October 6, 1889 he officially removed his title, changed his official name to Johann Orth. He departed to South America in 1890 with his wife on his private ship Saint Margaret. Apparently the ship disappeared and he was presumed dead although officially he was declared dead only in 1911.


In 1914 Schloss Ort was acquired by an Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. It was intended not as a private residence, but as part of field trips for local school children. Unfortunately these grandiose plans were cut short by the outbreak of World War I.


Today Schloss Ort is open to the public. It was bought by Gmunden community in 1995 for 60 million shillings and later renovated for another 70 shillings. It has a restaurant and gift shop inside.










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