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Belfry of Bruges




Location: Bruges




Description of Belfry of Bruges

Belfry of Bruges is a city's watch tower with a height of 83 meters that was constructed in the 13th century. Original medieval part of the structure is the square part of the tower. Octagonal tip of the Belfry was added in the 15th century. You can climb 366 steps to the top of the viewing platform at the top of the Belfry. The whole city is visible below. Belfry of Bruges contains 49 bells that create melodic bell ringing. The largest bell was cast in 1680 and weights 6000 kg with a diameter of two meters. Additionally the tower keeps certificates and medieval documents that state fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. At the old times until 1769 the Belfry tower was used as a declaration point where laws and regulations were announced to the people below.






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