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View of Bruges



Location: Flemish Region


Visitor Information

Tel. 050-44 46 46




Description of Bruges

Bruges is the capital city of Flemish Region and Belgium and also the largest city in the country. Bruges gained its fame and size during medieval times when it became an important trading town in North Europe flourishing between 13th and 15th century. It is the capital of the province of West Flanders. Located in the extreme northwest of Belgium, 90 kilometers from the capital Brussels, it has a population of 117,000 inhabitants in its urban center. Its name comes from the western Germanic "Bryggia" ("bridges", "docks", "berths"). It is interesting to note that, in Dutch, "brug" means "bridge", and that this city has the plural name of this word, due to the large number of bridges that exist in it.

The main attraction of Bruges is its historical center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. Although it has been largely rebuilt, this urban center is one of the greatest European attractions, as it keeps the medieval architectural structures intact. Like Amsterdam, Gothenburg and Hamburg, among others, Bruges is known as "the Venice of the North", due to the large number of canals that cross the city and the beauty of them.


Travel Destinations in Bruges

Basilica of the Holy Blood (Heilige Bloed Basiliek) (Bruges)


Burg 10

Open: Apr-Sep 9:30am- 11:50am & 2pm- 5:50pm

Oct-Mar 10am-11:50am & 2pm- 3:50pm



Hospital of St John (Bruges)


Blind Donkey Alley

Blind Donkey Alley is a narrow and unique alley that connects the Burg with the 18th century Fish Market (Vismarkt).

Stadhuis (Bruges)

Stadhuis is a medieval town hall that was constructed between 1376 and 1420. Recently its vaulted ceiling that was constructed in 1385 was fully restored.

Onze Lieve Vrouwkerk - Church of Our Lady (Bruges)


Belfry and Markt below (Bruges)



Houishbrouwerij de Halve Maan (Bruges)

Walplein 26

Tel. 050- 44 4222

Open: 11am- 4pm Sun- Fri, 11am- 5pm Sat


Museum voor Volkskunde  (Bruges)

Balstraat 43

Tel. 050- 44 8764

Open: 9:30am- 5pm Tue- Sun


Groeninge Museum (Bruges)

Dijver 12

Tel. 050- 44 8711

Open: 9:30am- 5pm Tue- Sun

Closed: Jan 1, Dec 25

Gruuthuse Museum (Bruges)

Dijver 17

Tel. 050- 44 8762

Open: 9:30am- 5pm Tue- Sun

Closed: Jan 1, Dec 25


Begijhof (Bruges)

Wijngaardplein 1

Tel. 050-36 01 40

Open: daily


Heilig Bloed Basiliek (Bruges)

Burg 13

Tel. 050- 33 6792

Open: daily

Museum: Closed Mon, Wed pm in winter







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