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Central Balkan National Park


Central Balkan National Park was designated as a protected area in 1991. Situated in the Central Bulgaria it covers 71,670 hectares with other half covered by virgin forests.


Location: Map

Area: 717 kmĀ²

Official site




Description of the Central Balkan National Park


The highest peak of Central Balkan National Park is Botev mountain at 2,376 meters above sea level. Over 130 animals and plants that inhabit Central Balkan National Park are on the endangered list. However you should probably watch out for the big stuff like brown bears, wolves and vipers. The official site of the Central Balkan National Park contains a lot of information about activities and provides enough information about the region. If you don't want to read it at least check the weather conditions. Central Balkan mountains can be tricky through out a year and knowledge of the conditions is very important. Every year careless tourists get caught in the open by the elements and die. Don't let this happen to you.


Raysko Praskalo (Central Balkan National Park)

Raysko Praskola (Райско пръскало) or Heavenly Spray is the tallest water fall in the Central Balkan National Park as well as all of the Balkan peninsula. It measures at 125 meters in height and falls from the Botev Peak (2376 meters) starting a small creek that later becomes Byala Reka or White River. Tourists commonly come here to make pictures of the geological formation as well as climb the rock cliffs. It is also possible to arrange a paragliding drop from the top of the mountain. The flow of the Raysko Praskola is particularly strong in the late spring when the snows melt.














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