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Cherven Castle


Cherven Castle is a Bulgarian medieval citadel located 35 km South of Rousse.



Location: 35 km South of Rousse Map

Constructed: 11th century




Description of Cherven Castle


Cherven Castle or Red Castle in Bulgarian was constructed in the 11th through 14th century. It replaced Byzantine fortification that was erected here in the 6th century to defend the Empire against invasions of Germanic barbarian tribes. The city and its fortifications reached particular importance during Second Bulgarian Kingdom. In 1235 Cherven becomes the seat of Bulgarian Orthodox Bishopric of Cherven. Besides the Inner Fortifications the city spread all over the mountain top and even beyond the city walls. Its doom came then it was captured by the Turkish troops in 1388 as Ottoman Empire slowly overtook much of the Balkan peninsula. Under new rule it lost its importance and gradually fell in disrepair.









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