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Veliki Revelin Tower (Korcula Island)

Veliki Revelin Tower (Korcula Island)







Description of the Veliki Revelin Tower

Veliki Revelin Tower is a medieval tower that was constructed in the 14th century. At the time of its construction it served as the main entrance to the Korcula Town. Today you can through the gate by walking up white staircase that were constructed in the 18th century. It replaced the original wooden drawbridge that was raised at night and during enemy attacks. The tower is covered by coat of arms of Venetian ruler or doge and Korculan governor.


On the southern facade of the Tower there is a relief/plaque of windged lion of Venice (lion of St Mark) as well as a plaque with following inscription "U spomen krunidbe hrvatskoga kralja Tomislava. DCCCCXXV-MCMXXV Korculani which translates as ‘In memory of the coronation of Croatian King Tomislav, DCCCCXXV-MCMXXV. Korculans‘. There was at least one attempt during the history when the Tomislav plaque was forcefully removed (during Italian occupation).