Boskovice Castle

Boskovice Castle

Boskovice Castle situated in the city of Boscovice South Moravia in Czech Republic. Unlike other castles in the country Boskovice fortress was abandoned and wasn't reconstructed since it lost its strategic value. As a result it kept much of its original medieval charm and appearance.


Location: Boskovice, South Moravia Map

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History of Boskovice Castle

Boskovice Castle was originally constructed in the 13th century probably by Jimram Boskovic. In 1312 the owner of the castle, Arkleb Boscovich rebelled against John of Luxembourg. The citadel was subsequently taken by the king's soldiers. A year later the castle was returned to Arkleb and forgiven. The noble increased his mansion and improved its defences considerably. During the Hussite Wars the fortress of Boskovice changed hand repeatedly. The last owner from the Boscovice clan participated in many campaigns against the Ottoman Turks. He exhausted much of his wealth on military expanses and had to sell Boscovice castle to Simon Eder Štiavnica in 1547. His son Vit Stiavnica sold it to Jaros Zastrizl. In the middle of the 16th century lords of Zástrizl undertook reconstruction that gave castle a Renaissance appearance. Over time the citadel lost any military use and its structures served local needs of farmers. The castle was abandoned in the 18th century. Its roof was torn off and much of the masonry was used to construct the buildings in the area. Today the castle is in possession of the Mensdorff- Pouilly and is open to the public.