Černé Jezero

Černé Jezero

Černé Jezero or Black lake is situated in Bohemian Forest, West Bohemia of the Czech Republic.


Location: Bohemian Forest, West Bohemia Map

Area: 18.4 ha

Depth: 40.6 m


Description of Černé Jezero

Černé Jezero covers and area of 18.4 ha and reaches a depth of 40.6 meters. A single Černý Potok (Black Stream) begins in the lake. The lake was carved out by the glaciers during period of Pleistocene of the Ice Age. The name of the lake is given due to black coloration of its surface. Coniferous trees produce pollen that collects in the lake and make a layer of black sludge several feet deep thus giving its coloration.


Thousands of tourists are drawn to Černé Jezero due to pristine nature of untouched forests. Human activity left few marks in these lands. The largest addition is probably pumped storage power plant  that was constructed by Skoda Works company in 1929- 30. Today it is a monument of an industrial age.