Kokorin Castle

Kokořín Castle

Kokorin Castle or Hrad Kokořín although fairly small is one of the most picturesque castles in Czech republic located 10 km (6 mi) Northeast of Mělník, Central Bohemian Region.



Location: 10 km (6 mi) Northeast of Mělník, Central Bohemian Region  Map

Constructe: 14th century by Hynek Berka z Dubé

Tel. +420 315 695 064


May- Sept 9am- 12pm, 1pm- 4pm Tue- Sun

Apr, Oct 9am- 12pm, 1pm- 3pm Sun, public holidays

Nov- Mar: by appointment



History of Kokorin Castle

Kokorin fortress was constructed in 14th century by Hynek Berka z Dubé. It was badly damaged during Hussite Wars then the castle was owned by Sir Aleš Škopek of Dubá. Due to improvement in military technology Kokořín Castle was deemed obsolete. It was abandoned by its owners and eventually fell in disrepair. Emperor Ferdinand III even went so far as calling the citadel "cursed".


Little is known about the history of owners from this point one. Legends circulated that a leader of robbers Petrovsky of Petrovice once used it as a base for his attacks. In the 19th centuries beautiful ruins of Kokorin Castle were a subject of paintings and poems of Romantic genre. It was restored in 1911- 18 and nationalized in 1948. This picturesque fortress is surrounded by dense forests of the nature reserve named after the castle Kokořínsko.