Kolín is a town in the region of Central Bohemia in Czech Republic. This historic city has pleasant quiet charm and interesting architecture that date back to different historic periods starting with the medieval times.



Location: Central Bohemia

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History of Kolin

Kolin was originally founded during reign of king Přemysl Otakar II in the 13th century. In 15th century it became important enough on the map of Bohemia that a castle was constructed in its heart. Remains of the medieval citadel, its walls and bastions are still visible scattered around Kolin. Although it might be hard to see them at first. They are often hidden between later structures.



Karl's Square (Charles's Square)


Kolin saw a lot of bloodshed through its long and turbulent history. Just on the outskirts of the modern city one of the largest confrontations of the Seven Years War were held. A battle of Kolin was fought on 18 June 1757 that resulted in definitive victory of Austrian troops over Prussians. During World War II the city was used to produce Cyklon B, a poisonous chemical used in extermination of people in the Nazi concentration camps. Subsequently the city was heavily bombed to put an end its production.


Church of St. Bartholomew (Kolin)


One of the most famous buildings in Kolin is a medieval Church of Saint Bartholomew constructed in 13th century.

Its bell tower housed the largest bell in Kolin. One of the legends even say that helped to preserve a marriage of a noble knight Vužan  who went to pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Since pilgrimages usually involved pillaging and fighting it was a custom to die in battle leaving widows at home. The wife waited just 10 years for her husband and after this time she assumed he had died in one of the battles in the Holy Land. She decided to marry another man, but when the new wedding started the bell started to ring. Wife took it as a bad open, decided to wait a little more. Eventually the knight Vužan returned home to apparently very pissed wife. I mean how long does it take to cross half of Europe? Eventually the bell fell from a tower in 1796 and was subsequently replaced by its copy. Its creator was an architect by the name of Peter Parler.

Jewish Ghetto (Kolin)

Another interesting area in Kolin is the Jewish ghetto with its Baroque synagogue and an old Jewish cemetery. Before the outbreak of the World War II Kolin was home to one of the largest and richest Jewish communities in Czech Republic that lived here since 14th century. Almost all of them were murdered in the Terezín Concentration Camp. Just 60 people managed to survive the war.