Křivoklát Castle

Křivoklát Castle

Křivoklát Castle is situated 13 km (8 mi) Southeast of Rakovnik in Czech Republic.


Location: 13 km (8 mi) Southeast of Rakovnik  Map

Constructed: 13th century

Tel. 313 558 120


Mar 9am- 12pm, 1pm- 3pm Sat, Sun

Apr- Oct: 9am- 12pm, 1pm- 3pm Tue- Sun

Nov, Dec: 9am- 3pm Sat, Sun






History of Krivoklat Castle

Fortified Krivoklat palace was constructed in the 13th century by Bohemian king Přemysl Otakar II on the site of the older 12th century citadel. Former medieval castle was razed to the ground on the orders of the king. Křivoklát Castle was later expanded and increased by kings Václav IV (son of the founder) and later king Vladislav of Jagellon (15th century). Narrow and cold rooms of the castle lost the same appeal with the royalty eventually. Křivoklát Castle was transferred into a state prison in the 16th century by the Habsburgs. Today it serves as a museum and a stage for theatrical acts.


Village below Křivoklát Castle
Křivoklát Castle

Křivoklát Castle

Nad Hradem (Over the city) Restaurant