Landštejn Castle

Landštejn Castle

Landštejn Castle is located in South Moravia of the Czech Republic.


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Constructed: early 12th century

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Description of Landštejn Castle


Landštejn Castle was erected in the early 12th century under leadership of Moravian Přemyslides. At the time of its construction it was the largest Romanesque citadels in the Czech Republic. Over time the citadel was transferred into a private mansion. In 1771 a lighting struck one of the main tower. Ensuing fire destroyed much of Landštejn Castle. This and many tragic events that happened in the castle gave it a rather mystical and even romanticized fame. Local superstitious peasants believed that in the medieval times countess lived here. She is sometimes called White Countess or simply White Lady. It is said that she was very strict with her kids and punished them for even slightest wrongs or mistake they made. Eventually her husband, the Count of Landstejn punished her by banishing phanatically religious and strict wife out of their residence. It is said that the White Lady cursed the family and thus the curse affected different generations of Landstejn residents. Some even claim that her ghost is visiting her former residence. Those who see her claim that she walks now absend corridors and halls of the destroyed mansion. Unfortunately we don't have a name or anyone in the history of Landstejn Castle who might have inspired this story.


Whatever might the case the legends existed for centuries and influenced many tourists that came here. This included German poet Friedrich Schiller who was so impressed by these legends, he placed the setting of his play "The Robbers" in the dense forests surrounding medieval citadel. Despite of centuries of negligence the castle is still well preserved and keeps much of original design.