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Mělník is a historic town in the Central Bohemia region of Czech Republic. It was found in the 6th century by the Slavic tribe of Pšovans on the confluence of the Labe and Vltava rivers. Historically agriculture employed the majority of the citizens here. In fact Melnik means "miller" in English.




Location: 35 km North of Prague, Central Bohemia  Map

Info: Namesti Miru 11

Tel. 3315 625 503









Melnik Travel Destinations

Melnik Castle


Svatovaclavska 19

Tel. 315 622 121

Open: daily

Melnik Castle is a medieval citadel that stands on a strategic hill above town of Melnik. It was constructed by the Czech kings in the 14th century. Unofficially it was called Widow's Castle since it was a residence for several consequent queens who lost their husbands. Their sons usually took the throne and widowed queens retired to the Melnik Castle. In the 17th century fortress lost much of its military use and it was turned mostly into an aristocratic residence that was acquired by a powerful Lobkowicz family. This aristocratic family still owes the castle. Today Melnik Castle is open to the public.


Additionally Melnik Castle is famous for its wine making tradition. It started in the 14th century when King Charles IV brought wines from the French province of Burgundy.











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