Nymburk is situated 45 km East of Prague in Central Bohemian Region of Czech Republic. Locally it is famous for its men's basketball team of ČEZ Basketball Nymburk Basketball Nymburk.



Location: 45 km East of Prague, Central Bohemian Region  Map


History of Nymburk

Nymburk  was found in 1275 during reign of Premysl Otakar II. Its original name of Neuenburg or "New City" in German since it was originally inhabited by German- speaking citizens. After the Hussite Wars much of the original population left or was kicked out. Czech language and nationals took over the city and its fortress.


Travel Destinations in Nymburk

Nymburk City Walls

Medieval tower and walls of the Nymburk is a subject of pride and serves as a symbol of the town. Originally Nymburk was defended by two rings of city walls and two rings of moats that received its water from the local river. Many of the medieval defenses were torn down to make way to the new buildings. Only one ring of red brick fortifications were restored to its original appearance in the 20th century. Paved walkways along the perimeter of Nymburk allows tourist to appreciate the full magnitude of old city walls and protective towers. In early May local hold a town festival called Mateřinka as a type of community pride event.

Church of Saint Giles

Church of Saint Giles is the main religious building in Nymburk that belongs to the Roman Catholic church. This Gothic brick building is visible from most parts of the city due to its tower that dominate the area. Originally Saint Giles Church had two towers, but one of these towers were demolished by a fire that swept through the church.