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Okoř Castle

Okoř Castle

Okoř Castle is located 15 km (10 mi) North- West of Prague, Central Bohemian Region in Czech Republic.



Location: 15 km (10 mi) North- West of Prague, Central Bohemian Region  Map

Constructed: 1359 by Frantisek Rokyčansky





History of Okoř Castle

Okor Castle was constructed in 1359 by Frantisek Rokyčansky, a wealthy citizen of Prague. That is quiet unusual that the Czech castle was constructed by a man without any noble titles. The base for Okoř Castle was small stronghold that existed here since 1228.


Okor Castle was extended in the late 15th century in a late Gothic style and it was restored again 1590 in Renaissance style by a Martinic family.  In the 17th century Okoř Castle was owned by the Catholic order of Jesuits. During the Thirty Years' War (1618-48) the castle came under heavy cannon fire that left it in ruins. The owners restored it and gave it a more festive Baroque style. After this religious order was discontinued in the late 18th century in Bohemia Okoř Castle became abandoned and started to deteriorate due to negligence.









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