Orlík Castle

Orlík Castle

Orlík Castle is located in South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, half a kilometer north of village Orlík nad Vltavou. Unique and unusual fortress was constructed in 1234 over river Vltava by king Přemysl Otakar II.


Location: South Bohemian Region Map

Constructed: 1234

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Description of Orlik Castle

The name of Orlík Castle is derived from a Czech word that can be translated as a "little eagle" due to a fact that from a distance the fortress appears like an eagle's nest perched on a hilltop. Before construction of the Orlicka dam in 1954- 62 Vltava river was more narrow and much lower so the castle stood on a cliff that is now submerged.


Orlik Castle changed many hands of noble families. During ownership by family of Zmrzlik of Svojsin, Czech general and prominent Hussite leader Jan Zizka stayed here. Zmrzlik family supported the movement of Jan Huss and those who served him. In fact two of the owner's sons, Peter and Jan Vaclav, joined the struggle against the Catholic armies. In 1508 the castle was burned and its new owner Lords of Švamberk undertook massive reconstruction giving it more elegant Renaissance appearance. It was heavily burned in 1802 and in the middle 19th century Orlík Castle was reconstructed again, adding a fourth story to the main structure.


Today Orlík Castle is open to the public. After the fall of Communist regime it was returned to the last owners of the château, the Schwarzenberk family. The citadel contains the collection of paintings, furniture, various weapons, hunting trophies as well as family's medals and awards.