Pernštejn Castle

Pernštejn Castle

Pernštejn Castle is situated near village of Nedvědice, 40 km (25 mi) Northwest of Brno in Czech Republic.



Location: Nedvědice, 40 km (25 mi) Northwest of Brno Map

Famous: filming location of Nosferatu

Tel. 566 566 101

Constructed: 1270-1285


Apr, Oct: 9am- noon, 1pm- 3pm Sat, Sun, public holidays

May- Sept: 9am- noon, 1pm- 4pm Tue- Sun

Jul & Aug 9am- noon, 1pm- 5pm Tue- Sun


History of Pernstejn Castle

Pernštejn Castle was constructed in the 13th century and served as a the seat of the lords of Pernstejn. In the 17th century the family lost their riches and had to sell their possessions. In the early 1700's Pernštejn Castle was remodeled by several consequent owners. Several alterations in a Baroque architectural style were made. These changes were made including addition of stucco and frescoes in the Knights Hall. In the 18th century Schröffl family from Mannsberk made their additions including putting new sculptures in the newly established garden around the military fortifications. Original medieval moat was also filled with earth about the same time.


In 1922 Pernstejn Castle became a backdrop for the movie classic Nosferatu (1922) due to its Gothic architecture. Today the castle is open to the public. Some of the most popular locations are Knights' Hall, a torture chamber, medieval kitchen and others.