Rabí Castle

Rabí Castle

Rabí Castle is located in Plzeň Region of the Czech Republic. It is one of the largest medieval fortress in the country. Castle was constructed in 14th century by Lords of Velhartice to protect the trade routes along Otava river.



Location: Plzeň Region, West Bohemia    Map

Constructed: 14th century by Lords of Velhartice

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Description of Rabi Castle

The name of Rabí Castle comes from the German word that means "raven". Subsequent noble family of Švihovský increased the military defenses in size and sophistication. During the Hussite Wars the castle was captured twice by the rebellious armies. According to a legend it was during the second siege that crossbow arrow was hired at the leader of Hussites Jan Zizka. The arrow hit the trunk of a pear tree and resulting splinter hit him in the last eye. After the Thirty Years' War abandoned and largely ruined castle passed to the Lamberg family. The final nail in the coffin came in the subsequent years. Local farmers used military fortifications for quarrying for stone. The structure received more damage after great fire of 1720. In 1920 dilapidated Rabi Castle was given by the Lamberg family to the private organization that started reconstruction of the fortress. In 1978 Rabí Castle was proclaimed as National Cultural Monument.