Švihov Castle

Švihov Castle

Švihov Castle is a well preserved medieval citadel located in West Bohemia region of Czech Republic.



Location: West Bohemia Map

Constructed: 1480- 89

Tel. 370 393 378

Open: Apr, Oct 9am- 12pm, 1pm- 3pm Sat, Sun, public holidays

May- Sept 9:30am- 12pm, 1pm- 4pm Tue- Sun

Jun- Aug 9:30am- 12pm, 1pm- 5:30pm Tue- Sun



Description of Švihov Castle

Švihov Castle was constructed in 1480- 89 by the orders of Rýžemberk family and under supervision of Benedikt Rieto. It replaced an older 12th century medieval citadel. Much of the interior of Švihov Castle date back to the sixteenth century when the citadel was passed into the hands of Herald Kavka of Řičany.


By the 17th century former military defenses were turned into agricultural granaries since its walls and towers lost any significant military use. During the Thirty Years' War Swedish troops captured surrounding lands and torched everything they couldn't steal and carry away with them. Small garrison inside Švihov Castle showed surprising resilience against at least two enemy attacks. They didn't stop invasion, but they didn't allow Swedes to capture the castle with its soldiers and numerous refugees who hid here looking for safety.


By 1860s Švihov Castle was completely abandoned. Reconstruction of the former citadel began in 1952. Today Saint Mary chapel contains several beautiful sculptures. Švihov Castle also contains an armory and an extended collection of the Gothic art.