Točník Castle

Točník Castle

Točník Castle is situated 15 km (9 mi) Southwest of Beroun in Czech Republic on a strategic hill that dominates surrounding countryside.


Location: Hrady Točník a Žebrák, 267 51 Zdice, 15 km (9 mi) Southwest of Beroun


Tel. 311 533 202


Mar, Apr, Oct: 10am- 12pm, 1pm- 4pm Sat, Sun

May, Jun, Sept: 10am- 12pm, 1pm- 5pm Tue- Sat

Jul, Aug: 9am- 12pm, 1pm- 6pm Tue- Sun


History of Točník Castle

Točník Castle stands on a hill that was inhabited since at least 1 century BC, but current citadel was constructed in the late 14th century by Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and Bohemian king Wenceslaus IV. It was intended to serve as a royal residence for the royalty and protect against possible uprising by the local gentry.


During Hussite Wars in 1425 Tocnik Castle proved too much of the challenge for the 8,000 Hussite troops. They besieged the fortress, but failed to take it. They burned surrounding towns and villages instead. In 1556 the crown Tocnik Castle to the Lobkowicz family who reconstructed part of the fortress in a Renaissance architectural style. The citadel was used as a military post until about 17th century when it lost its strategic value and hence its use. Tocnik Castle was largely abandoned after the completion of the Thirty Years war (1618- 48). In 1733 local residents added a small chapel on the grounds of the castle and dedicated it to Saint Bartholomew. The rest of the Tocnik Castle was slowly deteriorating until 1923 when it was acquired by the Club of the Czech Tourists. They secured structure of the citadel and prevented from crumbling.


Točník Castle carries both Gothic and Renaissance styles marking various stages of its development. Despite years of abandonment and negligence the structure of the military fortress is largely intact in original condition. Only thing that was added are the new roofs to keep the interior of Točník Castle safe from elements of nature. Today Točník Castle is owned by the Czech government and it is open to the public between March and October.